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Saturday, November 9, 2013


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One question that is frequently asked in aviation circles about piloting issue is as to why a go-around was not carried out when the approach was unstable.
 Looking at the data that is out there, the stats point out that only 2-3% of the unstabilised approaches end in a go-around.Well then, the questions that are being asked about go-arounds seem justified and needs an in-depth look at various facets as to why it is so.

What is it that makes a well trained and proficient crew shy away from conducting a go-around on the approach when it is required so??

Monday, April 30, 2012


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 Inquiry is “A search for knowledge, or an instance of questioning” and Advocacy is “Active support of an idea or cause etc.” as per Webster dictionary.Inquiry and advocacy has been jointly addressed by Human Factors experts and lets examine its importance in the cockpit.


There is a dire need for inquiry in the cockpit and the need for crew to be in the loop and only way is for either crew to communicate and inquire. Typically, Captain must encourage inquiry from the fellow crew member to enhance safety and make the fellow crew comfortable in doing so without any fear of  reprisal or retribution.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

COMMUNICATION. : Expectation Bias and Hear Back Errors

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 Crew suffer from expectation bias if they are very familiar with say a clearance on a particular route which they have been frequenting more often.Crew tend to transpose information/clearance received with what is expected by them based on their familiarity or routine experience. This coupled with hear back error by ATC or in other words no correction by ATC to the misread clearance/ instruction could result in breach of safety and catastrophic consequences.  Share your thoughts, experiences and feedback on this topic by commenting on the same.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


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   Standard Calls

Standard calls in a cockpit enhance crew coordination and ensure effective crew communication. They also serve to reduce the startle effect by conveying the approporiate information/meaning during high workload.

It also updates the situational awareness in crew, which is very essential as major accidents have been caused due to lack of situational awareness or loss of the same in operating crew.

Automation state awareness in crew increases with Standard calls and brings the crew back in loop with the current condition enhancing safety.

Have something to say on Standard Calls and their benefits??

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