Saturday, December 3, 2011


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   Standard Calls

Standard calls in a cockpit enhance crew coordination and ensure effective crew communication. They also serve to reduce the startle effect by conveying the approporiate information/meaning during high workload.

It also updates the situational awareness in crew, which is very essential as major accidents have been caused due to lack of situational awareness or loss of the same in operating crew.

Automation state awareness in crew increases with Standard calls and brings the crew back in loop with the current condition enhancing safety.

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  1. Callouts are useful because they assist both pilots in situational awareness, especially when not going as briefed( planned). Callouts are methods which the pilot monitoring (PM) will prompt the pilot flying (PF) to become aware of various conditions during flight. Callouts encourage effective flight management and rapid error correction. Standard phraseology coveys defined information in a concise manner. The call protocol also alerts the pilots of a potentially problematic scenario, should a call out fails to materialize as planned.

  2. Compliance by crew and Standardisation of crew is important to achieve the benefits and enhance safety.


  3. Discipline in following procedures is very important for safety

  4. What the heck are you talking about ? Choice of phrases,intonations, difficulty in coining right words to explain a situation are a few of the threats errors one sees in a cockpit environment. Standard phraseology is the one sure way of handling these latent threats and ensure that inter crew communication remain succinct and lucid.