Sunday, April 22, 2012


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Airline training is always a focal point in the aviation industry and the thrust should be to deliver training that surpasses well over the bare minimum regulatory requirement. More often than not, lack of training or inadequate training is a common contributor in incidents and accidents.

Common most topics that need greater attention from a quality training perspective are:

·      Adverse Weather
·      Jet Upset Recovery
·      Stalls practice and recovery
·      Windshear associated with adverse weather
·      Changes in procedures and Modifications
·      Inadequate knowledge of technical systems
·      Two-engine go-around

Airline training needs to move from a compliance oriented standpoint to being more performance oriented approach.

Do you feel the need for addressing any deficiency in your training?? Do you feel our current training approach is adequate to address the training concerns and uphold safety??  Please share your views and ideas by posting a comment below.

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