Thursday, April 26, 2012


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The Federal Aviation Administration estimates the bird strike problem costs US aviation 400 million dollars annually and has resulted in over 219 worldwide deaths since 1988. In the United Kingdom, the Central Science Laboratory estimates that, worldwide, the cost of birdstrikes to airlines is around US$1.2 billion annually. This cost includes direct repair cost and lost revenue opportunities while the damaged aircraft is out of service.(Wikipedia)

Biggest challenge to the flight crew in encountering the bird strikes id the decision making in terms of continuing the takeoff/approach or abandoning it. A detailed article guiding flight crew is provided by SKYBRARY on the subject.

There are instances wherein flight crew on takeoff roll decide to rotate early to avoid the birds and end up in tailstrike due to early rotation. Similar instances abound on the final approach, crew carrying out evasive maneuver and ending up unstabilised on approach, carrying out a go-around and end up in bird strike at a higher engine RPM and more damage being entailed to aircraft. For instance, crew decision making has resulted in tailstrike on landing when hovering between avoidance vis-à-vis landing the aircraft.

It would appear that it would be prudent at times to maintain the planned flight path and be decisive rather than a last minute evasive action during the critical phases of the flight. Briefing before the takeoff roll and before commencing the approach at airports prone to bird strikes will help the crew in being better prepared.

Do you have any interesting accounts of bird strike to narrate?? Kindly share the same to enhance our awareness.


  1. Nice post and great awareness. Check out the photos of a 747-400 after landing in Bird strike territory. Actually this airport is closed to aircraft during certain hours because of this threat.

  2. Thanks for your comment and the link to your post earlier on. Great picture the first one, tempting to shoot an approach to Atoll airport!!!!!